hmlFIT customized fit technology

Looking for the Perfect Fit? Using a revolutionary new smart-foam material, this sockliner system can be custom molded to your foot using heat for ultimate comfort and performance.

A custom molded sockliner provides maximum surface contact with the foot, ensuring fewer pressure points and better performance and control.

This special sockliner is included with all 8.4 Concept/Elite FGX boots.

Click the Read More link below for more details.

1. Heat
Warm sockliners in a regular or convection oven (warning: do not use a microwave oven at 100° C (212°F) for 2 minutes to activate red custom foam layer.

2. Customize fit
Remove sockliners from the oven and immediately place them into your football boots. Put your boots on, fully laced up and stand with your weight equally balanced for 2 mintues to customize fit.

3. Use
You may walk around while the insoles are still warm to improve the impression in the toe area. Insoles are now ready for use.

*Be sure to check complete instructions and warnings included with product inside box for more information.

More info coming soon.

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hummel football 2007 NEW 8.4 Concept FGX preview

First pics here of the NEW 2007 8.4 Concept FGX!

As mentioned, this new boot features our hmlFIT Customized Fit Technology which is a heat moldable sockliner. I believe, that this boot developed from the inside out, may be one of the best fitting and most comfortable boots on the market.

Click the Read More link below for additional pics and specs.

In addtion, specs include-

-NEW Wide-fit anatomical last for maximum control and comfort
-Pittards WR Premiership Goat Skin Leather upper
-Asymmetric design for anatomical fit and increased strike zone
-Dynamic, integral customized lock-fit lacing system for adjustable fit
-Glass fiber heel inserts for lightweight support
-hmlFIT Customized Fit Technology heat moldable sockliner for personal fit and ultimate performance
-NEW FGX firm ground combination stud traction outsole with DYNAsymm chassis and hGRIP pivot point studs
-PE molded internal midsole
-TR molded internal heel counter
-Extra CM EVA technical sockliner included

Released 2007. More info on additional colorways and takedowns to come.

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Eurosport Catalog ad sketches
In the upcoming Fall 2 issue of the Eurosport catalog, there will be a full page feature on hummel boots. As a part of this ad, some of my sketches and renderings will be included.

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Dunny Show CPH project

Not exactly footwear related, but interesting! hummel has been asked to take part in The Dunny Show CPH, an exhibition of customized Dunny toys by some of the best designers and creative people here in Denmark. The event follows hot on the heels of the previous Kid Robot Dunny Shows in NYC, SF and elsewhere.

I have been involved working up concepts for the proeject to be fabricated. Check out the ideas. More concept sketches after the Read More link below.

Of course, if you are in CPH from August 2, be sure to check out the final exhibit at Asbæk Gallery.

Pictures of the final Dunny will be posted soon (when its done!)

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hummel football 2007 NEW preview > 4.2 Concept FGX/SG

New for 2007, the hummel 4.2 Concept FGC/SG features an exciting new material > Pittards WR100X Analine Goat Skin.

The military use this leather for the very thin, but high performance gloves worn by the Special Forces who jump out of helicopters and slide down ropes to action. In these high wear circumstances, gloves are required that will give good water and sweat resistance, but also excellent touch and softness feeling like a second skin. It is also very important that these special gloves prevent rope burn and wear.

Click the Read More link below for more pics and info.

In our new football boots, these combination of unique features (softness, touch, weather and sweat resistance and high abrasion resistance (20% more than K-leather), make it the perfect material for premium control and performance.This uniquely finished natural aniline offers up to 5 times higher breathability than standard Kangaroo Leather with no sacrifice in water or sweat resistance.

In addition, as it is a very lightweight leather with a unique fibre structure, the resulting boot is 22% lighter than the copa and comparable classic leather boots.

Unlike reguar-finish leathers, this Analine leather needs no "break-in" period. It is super soft fresh from the box, and will only improve and mold to your feet with wear. As well, because of the Analine finish, the surface of the leather has a more dull, natural similar to some baseball batting gloves or driving gloves.

The 4.2 Concept features a classic round FGC outsole, or soft ground SG outsole, and a great mix of classic style with modern technical advantages included a glass reinforced heel counter, and asymmetrical design.

Dk. Grey/White/Gold

To be released Jan 2007

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