hummel football 2007 NEW FGX outsole preview

As mentioned earlier, one of the most exciting things about the new coming 2007 hummel football collection is the development of a 100% new boot, the 8.4 Concept FGX.

The boot was designed from the ground-up (or inside out, depending how you want to view it), and features a number of revolutionary new innovations designed encourage the best fit and performance possible.

One of these important developments, is the new FGX outsole.

Click the Read More link below to learn more about some of the features of the new FGX outsole.

Build around a completely new, wide fit, anatomical last, the new FGX outsole was designed foremost to offer the maximum balance of performance in comfort and traction.

Featuring a combination of stud shapes, the FGX uses rounded blade studs for grip and control on the majority of the studs. These studs are constructed with a visible dual density TPU column in the center, that helps transfer energy and impact to the internal midsole.

To help protect against the traditional concerns of traction blades, ACL injuries, the FGX outsole features a unique pivot point design in the medial forefoot area, with 3 conical studs as typically found on a classic round stud design.

This pivot point and use of round studs, help enable good grip and quick direction changes and avoids the problems of over-traction that ocurr sometimes with bladed designs. The result is a safer and more comfortable performance.

In addition to these features, the FGX outsole has been designed around a DYNAsymm internal latice chassis. This support grid offers good strength, flexibility and reduced weight. Using a truss-like X beam structure, like a bridge beam construction, a minimum of material can be used to provide great strength. Unlike lightweight carbon fibre, which can have too much spring, and is prone to snaping under extreme loads, the TPU DYNAsymm chassis will evenly flex and bend and responds more like a normal outsole.

As well, for top quality durability, the FGX outsole has 4 metal rivets per outsole, including one placed in the medial forefoot, and a custom metal logo rivet in the heel. Most boots have only 1 or two. These rivets help protect against delamination.

stay tuned for more info and pics coming soon!


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sneak peak, hummel football 2007 collection

OK all,

Here's the exclusive first news of the hummel 2007 Football collection, to be released Jan 2007.

The 2007 collection (as was 2006) is focused on 3 top models, for different kinds of players. Rather than based only on position, or features (ie. lightweight, etc.) it is based on personality and "Character", and all offer a wide variety of exciting technical and performance features. More on these characters to come (or feel free to dig up some of the posts I made last year about the concept).

The 3 (top) models are...

(More info after the Read More Link below)


4.2 Concept FG/SG
For 2007 this boot features a new type of military-spec Goat Skin Leather which makes the boot 22% lighter than the Copa, and 5 times more breathable. Ultimate natural touch and softness, and feel.

6.2 Concept FG
Fully synthetic boot as per 2006 with new colorway for 2007.

8.4 Concept FGX
This boot is 100% new (new last, design, outsole) and our biggest story.
Inspired, in part, by all those SP posts about trying to get the "perfect fit" with using all kinds of crazy methods (showers?!), and in part by the personalized service we offer professionals, this boot features a true user customized fit.

Using a special sockliner technology that can be custom molded to fit your foot using heat, and a new wide last, this boot is perhaps the best fitting, most comfortable boot on the market.

Additional features include super soft and abrasion resistant Goat Skin Leather, glass fibre reinforced heel coutner, fully customizable lacing system and an all new hybrid traction/classic stud outsole.

Additionally, based on the success of last year's limited edition (6.2 Concept FG Pony, 1923 pairs worldwide), there will be two new ultimate special edition boots.

Stay tuned for more info and pics coming up!


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JUSE > i have pop

Just got the word from my friend/artist/designer JUSE, of Concrete Dunk fame, that his new line of BMX/LA inspired t-shirts, Lavar, will be dropping this summer.

More pics and info after the Read More link below.

This line, now in its second year is a graphics/fashion project based on his background in the BMX industry.

JUSE explains, "The essence is basically a mix between street wear and bmx (mostly 80s inspired)" It will be sold through independent BMX shops in the US and the UK as well as boutique stores in US, Canada and Europe,including Brooklyn Projects in LA and 90SQM in Amsterdam. Also be on the lookout for a feature in the next Lowdown magazine.

JUSE is most well known for his Concrete Dunk project, placing cast solid concrete models of Dunk's in conspicious locations worldwide. The context and location of the pieces commenting on the interaction of street culture and location.

In addition, he has recently done a similar project, No Paint, No Fame, featuring cast models of spray paint cans, placed effectively in urban locations, asking the viewer to question the environment and the role of street culture in assimilating and bending in with our natural surroundings.

check out more of his work at-

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footwear concept design process

I get a lot of emails about interest in the footwear design process. Most commonly, it is requests to share the sketches, drawings and concept design process. Here are a few pages from my portfolio that cover this process. These sketches help illustrate the concept design process from inspiration to idea exploration to technical design and specification.

These examples are from my design of the hummel 9.1, from the 2005 Indoor Collection.

More pics after the Read More link below.



The first step of the concept design process is inspiration and general design direction. In this case, a lot of inspiration came from the unique Scandinavian aspect of the hummel brand. Looking at the combination of Scandinavian modernism, technology and design found in places like Volvo car design, Stelton tableware, and Arne Jacobsen furniture, a clean, refined aesthetic was developed with formal cues between organic and geometric.

Initially, concept design explored a wide variety of solutions, looking at branding, overall pattern resolution and functional characteristics and features.

Once a general aesthetic direction was developed, further exploration was done in functional and feature-based systems. Working with professional players and teams, areas of focus in cushioning, support and durability were identified.

Here, technical specifications, construction and details are worked out, as well as material and colorway options. These clearly labelled drawings help communicate design intent to the factory for development of samples.

Outsole technical design and the final product.

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hummel Indoor 2006

Ok all,

Coming soon (july/august) to retail, here's the first look at the latest hummel indoor collection. These shoes were specifically developed for european handball, and designed and tested in consultation with some of the best players and teams in the sport.

More pics after the Read More link below. Technical info coming soon.

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