6.2 Concept FG Limited Edition Pony

As mentioned earlier, there will be a special limited 6.2 Concept FG dropping in the new year. First details here!

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The 6.2 Concept FG Limited Edition Pony will be released worldwide at the start of the new season Jan 2006.

Production is limited to 1923 pairs worldwide (the hummel brand was created in 1923). Each pair is individually numbered.

The 6.2 Concept FG Limited Edition Pony features all of the technical features and design of the 6.2 Concept FG general release model, but is carefully crafted from premium Pittards WR Premiership Goat Skin and genuine Pony leather with natural hair.

This unique football boot combines the best technological features and unique style with the ultimate in performance and fashion materials for a unique statement on and off the pitch. For the 6.2 type character who has a strong sense of indivuality, self-confidence, and self-expression.

Available pairs per country, retailers, and price to announced in the new year.

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vintage hummel football boots

More goods straight outta the vault. These are two vintage hummel boots- one from 1964 (white/black) and one from circa 1950's (baclk/white).

Also, some great stories too to go with the boots. Click the Read More link below to find out more.

This style debuted in the 1964 European Championship in Vienna, Austria in which Denmark became the surprise entry in the final tournament, joining the Soviet Union, Spain, and Hungary. Denmark finished 4th, and amazing result for the National Team’s first ever appearance at a multinational championship final (World Cup or European Championship). It is unknown why the original boots incorrectly has printed WM 66 Wien (World Cup, "Weltmeisterschaft" in german, Wien is Vienna, Austria)when in fact the Cup was in England in 1966 and the Eurocup took place in Vienna, Austria two years earlier in 1964.

Original style used during the 1958 World Cup, in Sweden (the first and only World Cup ever to take place in Scandinavia). At this time hummel was still a german company, and the name used on the boots was "hummel hummel". hummel boots during this time often did not feature the now familiar chevrons on the quarter.

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hummel warehouse in Germany

I had a really great opportunity today to check out our central distribution warehouse just across the Denmark/Germany border in Flensburg.

It was my first time seeing a live full scale distribution and logistics center, and it was overwhelming. Almost 1 million pieces on stock in 2 huge buildings. Think Ikea self-serve warehouse X 20!!

More text and pics after the Read More link below.

Familiar with the complete other end of the product lifecycle (factories and production), it was very interesting to see warehouse and packing process, to get a better idea of all the steps required before a shoe I design gets to a consumer.

At the distribution center I saw the full process of recieving the goods from the supplier via truck, orders from the database, and picking the stock from the shelves and packing to be sent to a store. amazing!

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6.2 Concept FG pics

By request following the my previous post, some addtional pics of the 6.2 Concept FG and full feature list.

The 6.2 Concept FG features-

Supple, soft engineered SuperMicrofibre upper

hmlFIT dynamic lacing system for support and control

Lightweight Microfibre full lining construction

Pig Skin leather collar lining for comfort and luxury

Natural Pig Skin leather sockliner

CM EVA molded performance removable sockliner

Injection molded nylon internal midsole

hGRIP firm ground (FG) traction outsole

Release Q1 2006

More pics coming later and details of the limited edition release 6.2 Concept FG Pony.

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vintage hummel

Just dug outta the crates some vintage hummel catalog and flyers. Some great classic stuff, circa late 70's by my best guess.

Great chevron tracksuits. Aside from the hairstyles and crazy poses, pretty timeless, I'd say. Still some of our bestsellers!

More pics and info after the Read More link.

I guess before photoshop, for a "realistic" save-by-the-keeper-action-shot, they just had to hope nobody would notice the guy holding the ball (?!)

Pure old skool class.

More pics to come later in the week when I get a chance to scan more of this retro-gold!

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Gold 6.2 Concept FG scores!

Mattias Lindström of Aalborg Aab scored in a game a week or so ago vs. Sønderjyske (i think it was), and Iøve just recieved some pics of the goal.

As you may remember in previous post Football 2006 testing at Aab, Lindström has been part of our testing program during development of the 6.2 Concept FG

More pics after the Read More link below.

you can also see the white/tan 4.2 Concept FGC on the other Aab player on the left in the above pic.

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fresh content
apologies to all my consistent readers. I havent been able to post new content for a while as things have been very busy here getting the nw 2006 football boot collection into production and with development of the new indoor 2006 FW and lifestyle collections.

in the coming days however, new content is on the way, with some special reader contests and events planned. check back often!



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