hmlFIT customized fit technology

Looking for the Perfect Fit? Using a revolutionary new smart-foam material, this sockliner system can be custom molded to your foot using heat for ultimate comfort and performance.

A custom molded sockliner provides maximum surface contact with the foot, ensuring fewer pressure points and better performance and control.

This special sockliner is included with all 8.4 Concept/Elite FGX boots.

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1. Heat
Warm sockliners in a regular or convection oven (warning: do not use a microwave oven at 100° C (212°F) for 2 minutes to activate red custom foam layer.

2. Customize fit
Remove sockliners from the oven and immediately place them into your football boots. Put your boots on, fully laced up and stand with your weight equally balanced for 2 mintues to customize fit.

3. Use
You may walk around while the insoles are still warm to improve the impression in the toe area. Insoles are now ready for use.

*Be sure to check complete instructions and warnings included with product inside box for more information.

More info coming soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic product!

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what if you place the insole into the boot - then it moulds to your foot and for some reason it doesnt feel right.

can you put the insole back into the oven to mold it again?

5:11 PM  
Blogger The Directive Collective said...

If you follow the instructions, the fit should be good. As well, over time , the fit will actually improve as the impression is further made deeper by your weight and pressure in the boot.

It is not recommended to put the insole back in the oven.

In the future however, replacement heat insoles may be available for puschase as an accessory to replace after time or use in another pair of boots.


2:32 AM  

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