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Just got the word from my friend/artist/designer JUSE, of Concrete Dunk fame, that his new line of BMX/LA inspired t-shirts, Lavar, will be dropping this summer.

More pics and info after the Read More link below.

This line, now in its second year is a graphics/fashion project based on his background in the BMX industry.

JUSE explains, "The essence is basically a mix between street wear and bmx (mostly 80s inspired)" It will be sold through independent BMX shops in the US and the UK as well as boutique stores in US, Canada and Europe,including Brooklyn Projects in LA and 90SQM in Amsterdam. Also be on the lookout for a feature in the next Lowdown magazine.

JUSE is most well known for his Concrete Dunk project, placing cast solid concrete models of Dunk's in conspicious locations worldwide. The context and location of the pieces commenting on the interaction of street culture and location.

In addition, he has recently done a similar project, No Paint, No Fame, featuring cast models of spray paint cans, placed effectively in urban locations, asking the viewer to question the environment and the role of street culture in assimilating and bending in with our natural surroundings.

check out more of his work at-


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