6.2 Concept FG Limited Edition Pony

As mentioned earlier, there will be a special limited 6.2 Concept FG dropping in the new year. First details here!

For more pics and info follow the Read More link below.

The 6.2 Concept FG Limited Edition Pony will be released worldwide at the start of the new season Jan 2006.

Production is limited to 1923 pairs worldwide (the hummel brand was created in 1923). Each pair is individually numbered.

The 6.2 Concept FG Limited Edition Pony features all of the technical features and design of the 6.2 Concept FG general release model, but is carefully crafted from premium Pittards WR Premiership Goat Skin and genuine Pony leather with natural hair.

This unique football boot combines the best technological features and unique style with the ultimate in performance and fashion materials for a unique statement on and off the pitch. For the 6.2 type character who has a strong sense of indivuality, self-confidence, and self-expression.

Available pairs per country, retailers, and price to announced in the new year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely cow pattern!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Darin Hager said...

hey where have you been? no posts since oct 21..

I started a new blog myself...would be happy to link to yours if you can tell me how to do it!


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