6.2 Concept FG case study part 2 > concept design

6.2 Concept FG initial sketch

Some designers work through pages and pages and sketches. Some jump straight to Illustrator or Photoshop for visualization. Some good ideas take a week, others come at once.

Myself, I tend to do all my sketching on bits of paper, in notebooks, during meetings. I never keep a "proper" sketchbook. Luckily for me, being the Department Manager, I only have to present a concept to myself (and convince the CEO its a good idea). Again, as earlier mentioned, with a very flat heirarchy at hummel innovative design and experimentation is encouraged, and sign-off and approval is made simpler by having a more informal envrionment and proceedure.

Working on the design of the 6.2 Concept FG, I had initially looked at lots of tradition for inspiration. Seeing the revival of "classic" luxury in everything from cars (big, bad old school Rolls, anyone?), and the popularity of "mash-ups" or boundry crossing inspiration design I looked back at the rich heritage of hummel football.

I was inspired by the story of how a German cobbler first adapted a mens dress boot to perform better on the wet football pitches of Northern Europe. The resulting product, one of the first football boots with cleats, allowed the players to perform maneuvers that were previously impossible- faster running, better control and play. These boots were named "Hummel" which is Bumble Bee in German; named for the interesting fact that according to the laws of physics a Bumble Bee should not be able to fly!

My first sketch (during a Manager's Meeting where I was supposed to listening to financial reports) lead the way for the direction of the 6.2 Concept FG.
Top pic, top sketch.

Note.- SSG is and abreviation for the business unit Scandinavia, Spain, Germany. The sales manager was making the presentation. I still have to thank him for the inspiration. Thanks HKB!

Using some detail elements of traditional dress shoe making; pinking (sawtooth edge cuts), brouging (small punched holes), and a classic construction with toecap, eyestay and mudguard, the concept inspired further exploration.

Coming next > part 3 > preliminary design

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