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hummel International has had a very long history in sportswear starting in 1923 when hummel developed one of the first cleated football shoes. More reently, throughout the seventies, hummel has increased its visibility through handball and football team sponsorships including some of the top teams at the time including Benfica, Verona, Real Madrid, Tottenham, Feyenoord, and Br√łndby. It was at these times that hummel's unique style first became prevalent. At at time when most team kits were identical, hummel kits featured strong graphics lead by the bold use of the trademark chevron logo down jersey sleeves.

Today hummel still focuses on an unique position including the sponsorship of teams with an unqiue stories, such as the Tibet National Football Association (TNFA.

In addition to performance teamsport, hummel also creates an innovative collection of fashion/sportstyle products. hummel Fashion has recently caputred international success an interest winning among others, the Sportwear International Fashion Award for Best Womens Collection 2004 mixing fashion with sport influence.

This football product was developed to capitolize on the success of hummel Fashion in reverse. Instead of influencing fashion with sport, (as many others have done, Y-3, Prada Sport, etc.), the 6.2 Concept FG was to uniquely capture the essence and character of the lifestyle player while providing a technical performance product.

football is soccer, not american football. to make things more clear, from now on, I'll refer to the sport as football since I'm based in Europe as are many of my reader. sorry for any confusion.

Based around the concept of Character (Karakter in Danish) the 6.2 is developed for the unique professional football player who desires a means of self expression to support performance and lifestyle both on and off the pitch. As football increases in popularity worldwide, top players are quickly achieving the status of rockstars, along with the girls, luxe fashion, top cars and bling. Yet most top football products at best look like a star wars plastic toy. Hardly something that fits with the Bentley.

Picking up on cues of luxury materials and construction methods as well as looking at recent development in performance synthetic materials a design direction was proposed to combine the best of the lifestyle and performance worlds.

Key concepts: gold, luxury, leather, crocodile, pattern, leather, traditional, classic, masculine, minimal, technical, modern, performance, reserved, unique

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