production pics

cutting upper material

I was hoping to get into the office today (even though it is Sunday), to grab some sketches and pics to post to start an intro on the design process and add to my Glossary. I didn't make it. Anyhow, as I seem to be getting lots of great feedback and interest, I thought I'd would post some interesting pics of shoe production in china as a teaser for whats to come. Enjoy!


rubber outsole molding

collar foam cutting

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good pics. I do a lot of work in Chinese factories (different industry) and I still haven't seen these "child labor sweatshops" everyone keeps talking about. I thought maybe they were all in the textile and shoe industries, but your shoe factory looks nicer than most factories in the US.

10:59 AM  
Blogger The Directive Collective said...

Indeed. While I'm sure they do exist somewhere (even in the US), I have never seen anything but very nice factory conditions. Quite similar to a North American factory and certainly better then the average US contruction site or machine shop!

Its too easy for people to get sucked into media hype! People also talk about the low pay in asian factories but don't even consider the cost of living!


12:11 PM  

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