the last is first

I've started with the definition of pullover to explain the naming of this blog. To further outline some of the terms and definitions I will be using in future posts, these next few posts will cover some of the basic terminology and concepts used in footwear design and development.

A last is an (usually) generalized anatomical representation of the human foot shape. Created from a data set and functional requirements specific to a sport (ie. soccer, running, etc.) or desired look (rounded, narrow, pointy), or athlete (in custom made footwear), a master last is created from which production copies can be made.

Production lasts are made from either turned (on a machine lathe) plastic, or sandcast aluminum. The last is the starting point for any footwear development and is very important in determining, the look, fit, comfort and performance of a shoe.

BTW- If anyone else out there has further information or corrections to my posts, please let me know. Also, I will try not to get into too much technical detail on these concepts, but if anyone is interested, feel free to email me with questions or comments. Thanks. R

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