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Nike iD Studio on Elizabeth

As promised, here are some more pics from my trip to NYC. Unfortunately, I only 1 day to check out some shops. But there are certainly some great ones and smoe new ones since my last visit about 1.5yr ago. All the hot spots I got bookmarked in my delicious bookmarks tagged NYC.

Below are some of the pics I found to be particularily relevant as directions of upcoming trends. They aren't necessarily the newest kicks, but what I think are indicators of new ideas and colors/materials/etc. that will go more mainstream and generally lead upcoming design direction and styles for upcoming year or so...

Camo is coming up again, fast. It never really goes away, and is already here with BAPE/Maharishi, but I think we'll see plenty lots more in the short term (next 6 months?) before it goes back into hiding.

All Grey Nike Free at the Nike iD Studio. Lots of color directions will be going monotone, Especially grey...

More shoes at Nike iD. Not a huge fan of the AFi, but the color combo here is really interesting. Showing a lot of a general trend direction towards natural (the veg tan dyed midsole), and also strong combos of tan/ and grey/purple above. I really hate the AF1..

Kid Robot. Lots of good sneaker connections here (Maharishi), and some not so great (Ice Creams). The toy connection to lifestyle and footwear is going strong though, and Im sure we'll see lots more in the future.

Puma Mongolian BBQ Sample. Great concept for customization and consumer interaction. Sure there must be some pretty ugly shoes being produced, but alos some real gems. Like this one. Personally, I think the entire concept and some of the experiments will really open up the sneaker market to some fresh color combos and force more excited product into the mainstream.

I cant remember which store this was at, but they had some nice T's and a few kicks. This shirt shows some great trends all in one! Visual Illusions (Tromp L'oeil), over-the-top Luxury, and Patterns. I wish I bought it! damn.

Classic Kicks. Good stuff, even during sale period. Reissue Safari's (size 7, too bad I'm a 10!) for $60. Ok place, but nothing too fresh.

Dave's Quality Meat. DQM Great shop, really nice guy there (Kyle). Good selection of some newer products that aren't only Dunk focused. Really strong collection of Vans vulcanized (vulcanized is getting super hot!), and also some nice Nikes (Talaria). Showing lots of browns, pinks and tan. i dig it.



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