just got back from the US on a sales/trendforecasting trip. did 3 days in nyc meeting with eastbay to present the new SS 2006 football collection, and had 1 day to do some shopping and trendforecasting. thanks to and for some great connects to new shops. ill be posting some pics and further thoughts this week (all my pics are at work).

stayed at the new Hotel on Rivington. nice joint, great location (107 rivington st.) LES (lower east side).

initial thoughts-

1. good to see some sneakershops (rivington club, DQM, memes) that are pulling from some different selection than the usual dunks, jordans, superstars).
2. styles seem to be going back to basics- vulcanized, nike considered, etc.
3. colors either whack (purple+hot pink+turquoise?!), or really traditional (browns, blacks, tans)
4. i have a sneaking suspicion that nike is really pushing on the viral marketing/retail trip. there were a few "independent" stores selling only "limited edition" and GR nikes, with no other brands present. nikeID 255 on Elizabeth, and i spotted a nike van cruising down rivington with some music/lifestyle graphics on it and small swoosh on the back. like some sorta rock battlegrounds kinda thing i would guess.
5. collabs are getting way outta hand.
6. ice creams are featured everywhere (rivington club to kid robot), but i have never seen a single person anywhere from europe to asia to north america actually wearing them.

pics to follow.


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