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After I send the initial technical drawing to asia, the mold maker begins the process of converting my artwork to useable technical dimensions and a creates a 2D technical drawing for my review.

Because my initial technical drawing is not a true 3D CAD file (only done in ilustrator), there are sometimes dimensions or features that cannot be realized in production or are open to interpretation. By making and checking a 2D drawing from the mold maker, all features and dimensions can be confirmed.

Click Read More for more pics and description of the process.

Once the 2D drawing is checked and confirmed (usually several rounds of small modifications are required), the mold maker creates a 3D "wooden" model. This model is made from a Renshape-type material (a type of very dense, synthetic wood with no grain structure). This model is made by CNC (computer controlled) milling machine, then finished and painted by hand to help give an idea of the look and features of the outsole.

This model (along with another 2D drawing) can then be checked, and features modified if requried to correct dimensions, features and review potential molding issues.

For example in this model, if you look at the yellow waist stabilizer part, you will see many small pegs that fit into the outsole. This was interpreted incorrectly from the drawing and would be almost impossible to make in production. Instead, the stabilizer was supposed to be flat, showing through the holes in the outsole.

As well, you can see in this model, that the tread pattern was misinterpreted as well. Essentially in reverse, the tread was made as recesses rather than raised feautres.

Stay tuned for pics of the revised model and corrections..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Site. Just a question. What type of issues would arrive that make it nearly impossible for the yellow stabilizer to have those pins on it?

6:23 PM  
Blogger The Directive Collective said...

mostly an issue of tolerances. because the stabilizer (TPU) and the outsole (rubber) are different materials, they will shrink differently when cooling out from the molds.

because of this and because there are so many pins, it could be very difficult to control the fit between the two parts to ensure an good connection and proper cementing between the parts.


10:42 AM  

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