Indoor 2005 collection launch

The new 2005 hummel Indoor Collection has just finally (after 1 long year of development) arrived at retail. Here are some pics of the final shoes, and few pics of some first development prototypes.

More exclusive pics of the development process and other models to be posted later this week and in the near future.

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The above model is the 7.1 (women's colorway shown). Designed specifically for Handball, the 7.1 features an innovative half-double-lasted outsole construction with a dual part CM EVA midsole for cushioning and control. The upper features a large elastic forefoot velcro strap and inner sock fit for ultimate comfort and fit.

The first pullover of the 7.1

Some of the first colorway sample prototypes of the 7.1 and 8.1 styles.

Check out for more about the final collection and concept.


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