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The new indoor outsole designed for the 7.1 and 9.1 models was developed to incorporate a number of technical features and innovations.

The outsole was developed with the specific needs of handball players in mind, offering excellent grip, stability, comfort and control.

More pics and tech info after the Read More link.

The 7.1/9.1 outsole is half double lasted (double lasted in the forefoot). This gives extra stability and control, with the upper material overlapping the internal midsole, cemented between the rubber outsole and midsole.

The CM EVA midsole si also designed to feature a two part, dual density midsole construction with integral cushioning in the form of a 3Di cushioning channel. Unlike air, or a gel cushioning system, this physical system relies on a design and displacment to cushion a player, and cant pop or leak.

The 7.1/9.1 outsole also features a TPU shank for added stability. Above the TPU between the layers of midsole CM EVA there is also an incorporated breathability system (HTCS) that allows airflow into the upper thanks to a breathable insole construction and material.

The technical design for this outsole (after the concept drawings) was created using Adobe Illustrator, detailing all the required dimensions, features and cross sections for the mold maker in asia to translate into a working technical 3D drawing. Click the below drawing for a larger view.

Next step, technical drawing revisions and 3D model review.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I follow your daily blog really carefully...It's very interesting and i'm very glad you are sharing these details that many manifacturers are scared to publish...As a footwear designer wannabe thanks a lot!!!


PS: I agree about the forefoot overlasted midsole, I would also like to ask you your opinion about overlasted midsole at the heel/rearfoot. I've noticed that in zoomair based BBall shoes, after the cushion becomes softer, you could perceive some heel slip against heel counter. Is it me, or that construction could cause it???

9:29 AM  
Blogger The Directive Collective said...

unfortunately, I cant say ive ever owrn a pair of the bball shoes you mention and am not familiar with the construction so cant answer your question...


1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Richard. i must say, that I'm checking your blog daily as well. I can tell you about Pietro, he's very talented and you chould contact him for possible internship (if Pietro is PeterFligh, who I think he is).


7:18 AM  

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