Football 2006 testing at AaB

On the way to the Dana Cup yesterday we stopped in at Aalborg Football Club, a Superliga team sponsored by hummel. As a part of our ongoing relationship with this club (in addition to being a footwear and kit supplier) we often use these professional players to weartest our new boots and consult during the design and development process.

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Yesterday, we interviewed 2 AaB players, 7 Mattias Lindström, and 18 Martin Ericsson. Lindström is currently testing the 6.2 Concept FG, and Ericsson is testing the 4.2 Concept FGC. Both are using the boots daily in training and matches.

On the right, in the photo, you will see our Development Manager, Michael Pao discussing the boots with the players. Michael has also been a pro football player for 6 years, playing in Japan, Netherlands, and Indonesia.


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