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After the first colorway sample, most of the major technical and construction issues have been taken care of, and the review gets down to the details, colors, materials, logos, etc.

You can see in this pic, two of the changes that were made during the first colorway sample review - brouging added to the toecap, and embroidered hummel logo detail.

Here the tongue is shortened during this process to create a more streamlines shape and better present the embroidered hummel logo that goes across the shoe.

Here you can see the revised lacing system as discussed in the last sample phase.

Under the tongue "Jeg har Karakter" artwork print is added, to build on the Danish Charater concept and add unique value.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Black version is very odd indeed, I can't decide if I really love it or really hate it!


10:47 AM  

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