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As mentioned in the 8.4 PIO FGX Unboxing post, I have been involved in more than just "footwear design" here at hummel. A large part of my work is the strategic design and creative direction of the hummel Footwear brand.

One of the very first things I did after starting at hummel 2.5 years ago was to build up a portfolio and create a brand package for technology and performance features that are used in our footwear.

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The purpose of this technology portfolio was to further communicate the unique performance aspects of our shoes and create a better understanding of performance and value in the mind of our customers.

The above Technology Matrix I designed to visually communicate the idea that different parts of the shoe (ie. upper, outsole, etc.) use and feature different type of technologies (ie. cushioning, breathability, etc.) Each technology is therefore tuned and focused depending on the location and application of the part/implementation.

Together with this matrix, I created a series of names and logos to be identified with each product benefit. We went through lots of different ideas for names, some really terrible (ie. matress for cushioning) and others just strange (ie. TSS, Thorax Support System, based on words from a bee's body, for support).

As well, the graphic icons went through several rounds of design iterations. Here's some early explorations.

The final logos and technology micro-brands are now used across all our technical footwear product, and some technical apparel as well. Every performance shoe includes a hangtag with the tech logos and matrix and tech logos are also incorporated into the product design of the footwear.

A small point that some may not notice, but something that help make the product and the details stand out for a consumer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it certainly helps the specialist retailer too. it guides them around the product when facing a customer, highlighting key areas.

think of it as a powerpoint presentation on a shoe. the more comfortable a sales assistant is with the technology, the easier it is to sell.

finishing my mechanical engineering degree in 6 weeks, hoping to get into performance footwear development..wish me luck!

9:03 PM  

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