2007 Handball World Championship

A little late on the coverage (been so busy with ISPO and everything else, but thought I would post a few pics and comments regarding the recent XX Men's Handball World Championship held in Germany 20/01 - 03/02.

Click the Read More link below for lots more pics and info covering the WC07.

For this very special event hummel put together a exclusive marketing and sponsorship campaign, "Black in Black", sponsoring 7 teams and over 65 players at the World Championship. All sponsored teams featured the new 9.3.1 Indoor shoe in a limited Black/Gold colorway coordinated with Black/Gold accessories and uniforms on many of the teams.

What made this sponsorship special, was the inclusion of many top players on top teams that wore the black hummel shoe, despite regulations and sponsorship by other brands. Visible both on and off the court "Back in Black" hummel clearly made a strong visual presence at the WC, showing dominance and capturing attention.

Sponsored teams included-

Top sponsored players, Black in Black "Ambassadors" included-

Lars Christensen
Mimi Kraus
Florian Kehrmann
Joachim Boldsen
Blazenko Lackovic
Filip Jicha
Markus Baur
Marcin Lijewski
Johnny Jensen
Christian Schwarzer
Sebastian Preis

Final results saw Poland making an amazing victory and taking Second Place (Silver) at the Championship beating out many top contenders including Denmark, France and Russia!

On the First Place Germany Team, hummel players included top scorers Florian Kehrmann and Mimi Kraus, with Mimi Kraus and Marcin Lijewski (Poland) to be included on the All Star Team.

Filip Jicha was also the Championships second top scorer with 57 goals of 100 attempts.

All in all, an amazing victory for hummel and congratulations to Poland and all hummel players and teams.

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