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I probably spent more time looking at people than at the clothes, but did notice a few trends to speak of.

Certainly, as mentioned earlier and seen as well at ISPO, the 80's and early 90's colors and patterns are moving things in sportswear in one direction. A mix between urban camo, and 80s skiing, prints like this hot pink, blue, green are (unfortunately in my opinion) coming back.

Click the Read More link below for more pics and trend info.

And then there's the leggings...

In other direction, the all over graphic print is still here, but moving into other areas of apparel crossing from more streetwear hoodies and T-s to dresses and bags.

Taking over the graphic direction however, I believe is a more craft based application of graphics coming from knit and traditional print patterns.

In more upmarket fashion, minimal with construction details seems to still be the direction, especially among Scandinavian brands, with more and more refinement in details and cuts. Pants are moving to higher waisted, wider leg (in the same direction as jeans), and fur is up again.

Colorwise....... purple!

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