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CPH Vision, like most fashion trade fairs is a place to not only spot new brands and trend, but many very interesting people. Personally, I find the fashion people more interesting than most of the fashion.

80's is back....with a vengeance. If these fashionistas are to be believed, we will all be back in hot pink and leggings, sweating to the oldies in no time. In my opinion, I find it all a little over the top. Inspiration and elements are great, but looking like you just stepped out of a Cindy Lauper video is a bit much.

In any case, check of the Read More link below for lots more pics.

Thankfully, not everyone is going back to the future 100%. Also coming back from the 80's with a bit more class and with updated style are denim cuts such as these skinny high-waisted jeans. This I can take, especially on this model.

More pics and People Watching from CPH Vision coming soon.

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