Volvo SportsDesign Forum/Award

On Sat., Feb. 3 I attended the Volvo SportsDesign Forum

The theme of the forum was Personal Design, and a wide range of design and business professionals spoke and led workshops. The interesting discussion topics ranged from customization and brand identity to business aspects and applications of personalization and micro-markets.

Speakers included -

Stefano Natoli, Head of NIKEiD EMEA
Andrej Kupetz, managing director and technical manager of the German Design Council
Stefan Jansson, Designer of the new Volvo C30
Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers and designer of the Apple I and II

Click the Read More link below for more pics and info.

For a full list of presenters and workshops, be sure to check out Volvo SportsDesign Forum

In addition, as mentioned earlier, the hummel 8.4 PIO FGX was nominated for a design award in the footwear category. Along with the other nominees, the 8.4 PIO FGX was on display in main foyer of the forum, and later on the fair floor at ISPO for the thousands of sportswear industry professionals to view.

Unfortunately, hummel didn't take home the top spot in the Volvo SportsDesign Award, but it is a huge honor to be nominated in a category along with Nike and Adidas! Congratulations to Nike+ for the win.

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