footwear Photoshop rendering tutorial > part 4

Rendering tutorial continued.

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To create the toecap texture, I use an easier method. First I make a layer and shade with the airbrush in the area (again, by selecting the path for the part) and set the layer to mutiply. Then I use the Filter > Texturized > Sandstone to make the roughed texture PU look.

To start to add texture to the PU upper I do the same as the mesh texture technique, making a swatch and warping it with Envelope Distort in Illustrator.

This swatch has both black and white lines in the texture.

The artwork is copied into PS as the mesh texture was, and then duplicated onto two layers. One is set to multiuply for the dark edges. The other layer is set to lighten for the highlight edges. Both layers can also be adjusted in opacity and erased by airbrush eraser to add 3D effect and control the highlight and shadow of the texture.


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