FC Thun, Switzlerland trip part 2 > FC Thun vs. Ajax and FC Thun meeting

First time at a Champion's League Match! And VIP Champion's Lounge seats, no less!

FC Thun is a small club, from a very small city in Switzerland. Thun, is about 30min. from Bern, and has a population of appox. 41,800. Since qualifying for Champion's League FC Thun has played all "home" games in Bern at the new Stade de Suisse.

The match vs. Ajax on 02 November, 2005 was a great compeition and while defeated in the end, Thun played a strong game with lots of amazingly close shots on goal.

The full capacity crowd was incredible too... approx 31,000 fans, all in red and white. Lots of hummel replica jerseys nice to see too!

The Champion's League Lounge was incredible. Almost 100 tables, buffet, dessert bar, open bar...

Click the Read More link below for more behind the scenes pics of the match and our exclusive FC Thun meeting.

FC Thun Sportchef Werner Gerber invited us the day after the match to come visit the FC Thun Club and meet with the team (above pic,left. Thanks Mr. Gerber!). We had a great opportunity to discuss the curernt boots and new 2006 boots with the individual members and trainers.

This is the FC Thun home stadium. I'm not sure the official capacity, but if I had to guess I'd say somewhere around 300. Amazing view and location between the mountains and lake, but you can see why they moved the home games to the stadium in Bern!


Blogger DanTing said...

Hey Rich,
Are the Toronto Raptors sponsored by Hummel? I notice that they have the Hummel Chevrons on the sides of their jersys (on the rib cage under the armpits..very visible)

not the best pics, but you can get an Idea what I'm referring to.


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