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I know its really been a while since I've posted new content, but its really not for the lack of great things happening. Actually, things have incredibly busy and lots of the great things I have been been happy to have been a part of (and have been happy to share here)are now really starting to take off!

2 weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Switzerland along with our Product Development Manager, Michael Pao to check out FC Thun in a Champion's League match vs. Ajax Amsterdam in Bern.

hummel is the proud sponsor of FC Thun, and their story of the amazing road to the Champion's League has been amazing.

FC Thun is a very small club in Switzerland, and has managed some great wins to get them into the series.

Part 1 here has some pics of Bern. Click the Read More link below for more pics and Swiss Hotspots!

Home and away official hummel FC Thun kits.

Bern is a wonderful, small Swiss city with lots of great history and a special Euro charm. This is the Zyglogge, the original bern City gate, dating back to around 1191 when the city was founded. The current population is 127,188.

Certainly the "Swiss Riche" is present in Bern. Some great classic Daimler I think...nice. makes me miss my '69 Mercedes I left in Canada when I moved to Denmark.

Space Invaders.

Cement and rebar LeCorbusier chair along one of the old shopping streets in Bern. Even the outdoor public furniture has class in Switzerland.

Bar Drei Eiogensossen. 15 Rathaugasse in the old city part of town. A really small bar, but with great atmosphere. check it our for a good vibe, swiss beer on tap, and an amazing vintage cash register.

This poster was up at Drei bar and started our search for the artist. Amazing graphics and design! We made it our mission to find the artist and catch up with him/her (?) and buy one of these... stay tuned for the amazing result of our search coming up in an upcoming post!

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