Inside a football boot

There's been some interest lately on the construction of football boots. Now, you can see what's on the inside!

Check the Read More link below for more pics and info.

There is almost more that goes into a football boot on the inside than is visible on the outside. One of the most important things to assure good fit, comfort and performance (aside from the last) is the inner reinforcement and construction.

A properly constructed shoe, will hold its shape well, and be optimized to work with the material of the upper.

Although each style, or brand may be constructed slightly differently depending on materials, price and manufacturing method, most boots in general have the same 4 main components; upper material, foam, reinforcement, and foam.

Each material inside serves a different purpose. The upper material, as discussed earlier, here gives the overall touch, comfort and feeling of a boot.

The foam also adds some touch and feeling making the surface more soft and responsive. The non-woven material is used to help control the stretch of the upper material (all natural materials will have soem stretch because of the natrual grain structure), and the lining material also works in this way.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well done Richard!!!

It's very interesting to see all the parts dissected, it's now easy to understand the contruction of a soccer boot.

I've tried to design my first soccer boot ever (I'm an amateur designer, not a pro..), I'd like to know your opinion about it, mainly if you note some big mistakes or just critic the's on core77...

Basically you have the goretex boot that wraps allraound your foot, then tenjin lightweight leather panels are just in the areas you need better toughness and ball control.
It's just an idea, I'm just trying to learn more about soccer boots.

Thanks for the great pics and ciaooo
montecusna [pietro] from Core77

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Richard for al these infos ! ;)

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

richard, how nessecary is padding around the toe area?(both under and all around)
i'm trying to design a soccer shoe (
and some core users have mentioned the need for a low profile toe area to "scoop" the ball. is comfort compromised?
can you leave your comments there?
also, i'd like a post with info on the spikey bits under the shoe (cleats?) sorry, i dont play soccer, so designing a soccer shoes is really tough.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting! good pics : )

11:39 AM  

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