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In the long and difficult process of footwear development, there are always things that "dont make it", For one reason or another, styles or colorways are often cancelled throughtout the process, or before production.

In this feature, From the Crates, (which will I will be trying to make a regular thing), I will be posting some pics of cancelled styles and colorways. Sometimes its pretty obvious why they are cancelled (ugly as sin), and sometimes it's more a matter of managings SKUs, costs or production issues. Some of my favorite styles/colors eveer developed have ended up among these cancelled collectibles, never to be seen again.

First up....some alternate colorways of the Jacobsen style included in the Per Invitation Only FW06 collection that were cancelled, including some ladies colors that are among some of my favorites, but as for now, will never see the light of day.



PS. If there's anything you see here and love, drop me an email. It has been known to happen before that styles "come back from the dead" by popular demand!...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe its just me- but these shoes are really hot! things i like:
the broad band across the foot with arrows = very cool
the cut on the outsole on the side, near the fore foot= touch of class
and the white shoe= divine
things i dont like:
the baby blue and the pink shoes are sad
the laces with the arrows look a bit wannabe cool strap, you know?
and i'm not really feeling the curved front of the top (ankle area)
but all the same- i would wear the white shoes, or a red one for left foot and deep blue for right.
good stuff, this.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those are beautiful. really, i think they should make a serious comeback. theres something very refreshing about them - haven't seen anything quite like them. love the patterns and the big band across the front..and the laces and the colors. LOVE IT ALL! please consider*

11:17 PM  
Blogger victormark said...

The dark blues are off the CHAIN. 11.5 US please!

2:42 PM  

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