6.2 Concept FG case study part 4 > first pullover

Following the design sent to the factory, the first pullover is created by the pattern maker to give an impression of the overall design. At this stage usually, general pattern changes and construction modifications are made.

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The first pullover of the 6.2 Concept FG needed lots of pattern changes to improve the aesthetics and technical performance of the design. Unfortunately, I dont have a photo of the original pullover (I had no idea I would be making a blog when I was working in Taiwan on this project over 6 month ago!), only the modified sample.

What you see here is the first pullover prototype covered in masking tape with a new pattern drawn over it in marker. This method is used used if the pattern requires lots of changes. Patterns are usually revised by either drawing on the pullover, drawing on a paper base pattern called a half gauge pattern, or drawing on a tape covered sample as you see here. Each designer often has their own preference, and each method is appropriate in different circumstances depending on the changes needed.

At this stage, as you can see here, compared to the original design (see part 3 > preliminary design)there were several key changes to the design. For one, the hidden lacing system as planned was very bulky on a key ball contact area on the vamp, so was removed and changed to a normal construction with a throat using hidden (ghille) lacing. Additionally, the asymmetric design was changed to be symmetrical, with the broad part going across the quarter to be angled forward. This change was made to better balance the design of the shoe and better accommodate the length of the hummel logo and strike zone area.

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