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There were some great brands at BB and also some great (and no so great) booth designs. In my opinion overall, booths were much better than at past BBB shows in Berlin. Better production values, better graphics and better design.

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As previously mentioned, hummel had a booth at BBB, and it was significantly larger than in past years. Prime location too, at the top level of the Street and Sportswear hall, right beside the bar and chill area. New for this show, we had completely fresh Danish Design furniture- chairs, tables and shoe stand. The overall theme for the booth was a clean, white, Scandinavian modern approach to let the very colorful SS 06 collections (shoes and clothes) stand out.

...a nice new graphic banner featuring one of the new SS 06 lifestyle shoes!

Another nice simple, well designed booth from italian brand Superga.

Lots of booths, even smaller brands like this one had some great graphic applications and colors.

Some brand i never heard of looks like the spent lots of $$$. In my opinion some of these "super-booths" can be very overdesigned and over the top, and dont help the brand/product, but some do a gerat job, sticking to a theme/concept. This booth for Pitch is a good example. Nice football turf/stadium concept complete with crowd, turf and clothes from goal posts. The concept brought be in to look at the product.... (the product was OK, but yet another denim brand !?)

This booth from Calvin Klein Denim obviously spent lots of money too, but in another way. cK featured a very open booth, not showing much product, but with at least 6 models just sitting around.... didnt do anything for me to help the brand...

The Denim hall in particular was the site for some really crazy $$$ booths. Many booths here were over 4000sq.ft. with enormous floor to ceiling graphics/logos. I fell that in general in this market it is just a sign of competition when products are too similar. Really, what is the different beside name from one pair of jeans to another?

Check back later this week for more from, product, barcelona, and more!


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