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Color was really everywhere at BBB 05. Even given the collections shown were for SS 06, there was certainly an above average amount of bright colors and some crazy combos.

Top colors included lots of bright pink, cyan and turquoise, orange and also some florescent yellow. Reminds me of my favorite Op skate shorts from the 80's....

More pics and post after the Read More link below.

While the colors shown may be recycled from the 80's, there was defintely a fresh approach with color combos and how "surprise" colors are being used to pop out details, linings, outsole, etc.

Certainly i think there were some brands showing over the top combos, that will likely never sell (at least not more than a few pairs), but overall i think the direction of more color is great for the market and really brings something new to the mix.

On the other hand, when there is so little new from so many brands jsut recycling old retro styles you have to wonder if some of the crazy colors coming out are just an attempt to put a new face on an old design (wacky dunks anyone? ice cream (stan smith in disguise)?)

These styles are some of our new feature products that will be dropping for SS 06. A full feature will be coming up soon on the collection and these products. You seen 'em here first!

Special note on these last two pics. They are from what i think is one my new favorite brands i had never heard of before BBB. The brand is called Moods of Norway, the collection was really tight. Lots of great color in suit jackets, shirts and more, with good looking prints and quality fabrics. Great ironic humor on the hangtags and product packaging too. The suit jacket inside label reads "Made in Europe by a Hot Blonde Girl".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

super bloggie \(^^)/
so pity that you can't read Chinese, otherwise I can show you my blog, too

2:24 AM  
Blogger Darin Hager said...

great pics Richard. Have you anymore is that the whole lot? When is the next BB show? Jan/feb? Looks like a great show much better than WSA or Outdoor retailer in the US.

8:59 PM  
Blogger The Directive Collective said...

There are lots more pics coming. I took over 300 photos!

Indeed the show was excellent, and is MUCH better than most other industry shows. I dont go to WSA, but can tell you that GDS in Dusseldorf is probably the worst show I have ever been to in my life!

The next bread and butter should be around Jan/Feb. Im not sure the exact date.


5:48 AM  

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