Footwear Rendering

Following my recent Photoshop rendering tutorial I've got a lot of great responses and questions. One of which I thought I would address here.

Q. "How do you render a white or light color shoe without it looking dirty?"

A. It all depends on the consitency of your shading and highlights. You can also play with the overal lighting and general mood to help your rendering pop out.

I threw together the above rendering as an example. As you can see, the 8.4 PIO FGX is a white pearl color, not 100% bright white, but the same would still hold true. Shading is done in a warmer tone (not black) to give a more natural feel, and the darker background and reflective floor help me get away with a darker upper shading without looking too strange.

Hope this helps!


The rendering does look white, but you do get the impression you are looking at a light colored shoe, i hope.

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