Indoor 2007 catalog photoshoot

Over christmas and just before New Years, things were busy here putting the catalog together for our latest Indoor 2007 Collection.

This catalog will be a special version of our normal presale catalog featuring great product photos, technical information and more. Inspired in part by the popularity of First Pullover, this catalog will also feature design/development process work.

I have been working to art direct the catalog, working closely with our in house graphic designer Martin Kristensen on the concept. An exciting part of this special catalog is also the image shots for a new campaign that brings the sex appeal back to what used to be one the most popular sports (hjandball) in Europe.

Click the Read More link below for more sneak peaks and images from the Indoor 2007 catalog photoshoot.

All photography is by Anders Kavin, well-known for the great product photos of previous footwear collections.

The image shots using the model were designed to communicate the main feature of our new shoe, fit. Using a series of provocative, suggested images, they shots engage the viewer and communicate visually key features of the new shoes.

Stand by for a later post with the design/development process shots, the final image shots from this photoshoot, sketches from the catalog, plus pics of the latest collection.

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