pics from Taiwan

During my visit in Taichung, had a brief opportunity to do some shopping. Shopping in Taiwan is always pretty solid, with some good selection of different products that they generally dont carry here in Europe or in North America.

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Nice HK brand, two percent (2%). some great T's and shoes with some really solid graphics and material treatments. check the site if you can read chinese at

"LOVE YOUR BODY, FLASH" Adidas sneakers print. Huh?

A super tight Japanese brand I also blogged from Bread & Butter Barcelona. I still dont know the english name (if anyone does, please email me), but really solid product and graphics. I especially love the laces with the wooden bead.

Tissue dispenser or sex toy? or both? WTF?!

Puma Mihara jacket. The jacket is actually 100% polyester like a normal track jacket with a Tromp L'oeil effect print. all the sippers, buttons, and denim are actually fake. Really great concept and executed excellently!

Had to include some footwear, of course! These are from the Yojhi collection, much better in my opinion than his stuff for Adidas. A really great treatment of a basic canvas vulcanized shoe with a twist. Print brouged toecap and punched brouge details. nice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Richard,
I know this question its out of line, but if you would be so kind to tell me whats the diference between Bread and Butter Barcelona or Berlin. Those the exhibitors are the same? Or wich one is better to go. I always attend to the WSA and GDS. It seems Bread and Butter could be the next great show..

11:51 PM  
Blogger The Directive Collective said...

Bread and Butter Berlin and Barcelona are pretty much the same. Barcelona was new starting last year, supposedly focused a little more on Southern Europe brands.

Before that it has been was Berlin for a long time, then before that Cologne.

Out of the two I would recommed B&B Barcelona, but even that is going down. Also, I wouldnt say it's the next great thing, as it has been going for a while, and in my opinion decreasing in popularity.


2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well as u know all the shows have decreased in popularity. The WSA u dont know its awful these days how each time people dont go and the same with GDS. LEts try something new for that is B&B lets see. u know no w adays every brands does theri things privately...

9:17 PM  

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