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By request (i have recieved LOTS of emails about this boot), this post will show some more pics and give some specs as promised on the boots.

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TPU injected asymmetrical frame provide reinforcement and support around the foot. This helps control foot movement and prevent injury.

As mentioned, the upper is a comination of Pittards WR Premiership goat skin leather and SuperMicrofibre synthetic. The vamp and lateral side use goat leather for ultimate softness and ball control. The medial side uses a SuperMicrofibre like the 6.2 Concept. This material also has great performance in both wet and dry, with a grippy finish and croc emboss.

The construction of the 8.2 Concept FG has a unique sock fit inner lining to help provide a snug fit and comfort during intensive performance.

The 8.2 Concept FG features our top FG traction outsole with a new transparent treatment. This treatment highlights the internal stability pegs that are integral in the co-molding of the stud and base elements.

Cm EVA anatomical aerated sockliner. Excellent cushioning, lightweight and very breathable.

The most innovative feature of the 8.2 Concept is the dynamic customizable lacing system. This system is designed to allow a player to adjust the fit and lacing of the boot for the best fit, comfort, support and performance. Working together with the TPU support frame, the lacing allow a player to create a 3D fit around the foot for inner arch support.

More pics and info to come soon!


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